Since its creation in 1978, the company has specialized in household linen. Toweling, bed linen, table linen, baby linen, Balzatex gives a soul to each room of your interior. It stands out with a creative, innovative spirit imbued with the latest trends, while drawing most of its inspiration and know-how from the deep roots of Morocco.

Alongside household linen, Balzatex has created the Balza line, which offers a range of loungewear in the same spirit: beautiful, chic and above all comfortable. You will find indoor outfits and outdoor outfits for both adults and children.

The values that drive the company are respect for commitments, transparent communication, love of a job well done and the unconditional pursuit of customer satisfaction. These values are shared by each of the players in the company, most of whom have grown up with it, through a genuine corporate culture that maintains a long-term vision with its various partners.

Composed mainly of women, the company has a manufacturing workshop in Casablanca thanks to which it can offer a fast and personalized service.

With Balzatex, you choose to experience luxury every day.

in the front of the scene

Maha Berrada
CEO / Director

Fallen into the pot from an early age, I really took over the reins of Balzatex in 1999. I love our team, I’m a fan of our products and I love my job. What makes my eyes shine? Develop new products, and read customer satisfaction.

Operations Manager

2010, A new challenge for me: to be part of a solid family, rich in experience, and whose values I share.
The diversity of the projects in which I get involved and the versatility they require make each day different and rich in lessons.
Challenge met since the Balzatex adventure continues, with passion and determination.

Production Manager

In the name of God on whom I rely and to whom I owe my success. September 17, 1980 marks the beginning of my career at Balzatex. 42 years ago. I started alone, with a machine, and very quickly, I found myself at the head of a clothing workshop of around 50 people.
I am a hard worker, and I like to challenge myself through reflection. I love my job, I love my company and its values, I love our team. But what gives me the most pleasure is to receive compliments from customers on the other side of the world!


I have worked at Balzatex since 1984, as an executive assistant. My missions are diverse, with administrative and commercial versatility.
I am truly passionate about my work at Balzatex, it represents a part of my life.
I am also passionate about traveling and spending time with my little family.

SOUMIA echahir
logistics manager

I have been a member of Balzatex since 2014. I was integrated from the first day and I immediately felt this family atmosphere which is the strength of balzatex. Every day is for me a new adventure made up of stimulating challenges to meet the needs of our customers, because they are, for us, our priority.


22 years in the same company without getting bored!! 😊 and that, thanks to our beautiful team.

We share our ideas, our professional opinions with great respect for each other and brotherly love.

I love my work, and my artistry flourishes at Balzatex thanks to the harmony of all our colors and the designs we create. I love to draw, I love to paint, I love all things art, I love beauty, I love Balzatex products!


I joined Balzatex in July 2007 as a sales consultant. After just 4 months of practice, I was given the mission of managing the entire store. A mission that I have been keen to carry out for nearly 15 years, and which gives me a real sense of pride.


In office since 2020, I manage the Casablanca Moulay Youssef store as a whole: inventory management, product layout, sales advice, customer follow-up, commercial prospecting, cash management.

What I like about my job is its feminine side which fits perfectly with my personality, especially the softness of the cotton, the harmony of the colors, and above all the sense of organization.


I have been working at Balzatex since 2017. I take care of the sale of our bed linen and bath linen for hotels & Spas in our showroom for professionals in Marrakech.
A job that fascinates me thanks to the contact with customers.
I am proud to work at Balzatex and I love our products.


I started in 2002 working for the Balzatex family. For nearly 15 years, I have been a sales consultant at the Moulay Youssef boutique in Casablanca. I also participate in the creation of articles. I am comfortable in my work because it calls on skills that I have developed: versatility, interpersonal skills and a taste for teamwork.
When I joined the family, I went to the other side of the scene and discovered the magic of the fairy hands that make Balzatex.


I have worked for the company for 10 years as a sales consultant at our store in Guéliz. I am proud of the quality of the products we make and sell.

MOHAMED mezari

A year and a half was enough for me to acquire a great experience in a new field. I entered a new world for me and it gave me a taste for color harmony and taught me to develop my sense of relationship.

behind the scenes, our little fairies and elves